Project name:   Using innovative TeleCenter in Reducing Mothers & Child Mortality in Yemen

Purpose:   EDUCAST through its Not for Profit Wing Educast Society started working establishing TeleCenters in War Zones of Yemen, to use innovative maternal Child healthcare and online Trainings in different locations in South of Yemen. In this context Project Yemen Tele Center was initiated through funding by EDUCAST Group.

Duration:   Started from Sept 2020 – ongoing)


  • EDUCAST Society

Basunbul Foundation for the treatment of Patients Directorate of Zanjibar, Abyan Governate-Yemen

  • Al-Salam Private Social Development Foundation-Yemen
  • Empowerment Relief- Maarib, Yemen
  • Family and Society Association for Capacity Development , Abyan Governate, Yemen

 Contacts and References:

Ghulam Mustafa Tabbasum

Country Head Yemen-Educast Society

Child being examined by Remote Doctor through Tele-Consultant

Process and Approach:   EDUCAST Society has started implementing the Yemen Project through funding from Educast Group. First Multi purpose Telecenter has been established in Shuqra, Governate of Abyan.

This TeleCenter started classes on Online English Conversation, Sessions on Mental Health and Video consulting for Maternal and Child Health by eDoctors. Also new Telecenters are being established in Khanfer, Shuqra, Zanjibar and Hazarul Maut.The purpose of this Social project by Educast to provide timely and cutting-edge healthcare for the reduction or safety of Mothers along with their infants who are dying due to non-availability of timely health advise and consultation.


The women are badly affected mentally, due to war zone trauma, there is dire need to have mental health consolations and awareness sessions among such groups

Existing lady health workers as front liners are also not trained and updated in latest guidelines and findings, so they need to be updated too.

As there jobs for women only in NGO sector, as there are hundreds of locally educated young Women, who are not able to get those jobs, due to their not able to speak in English. So there is dire need for providing language and office working skills for them through online sessions.

Tele-Consultation in process
Frontline Paramedic staff

Results Delivered:  

EDUCAST have developed a Project of Muti purpose Digital Tele Center, with an aim to connect this Tele center with fast broadband and provide all four offerings:

Maternal & Child Online consultation by licensed Female Doctors through Interpreter ( Arabic-English), through getting themselves check by Vital monitors and video consultation via remote female healthcare providers

To utilize same infrastructure for proving twice a week sessions and awareness among community on mental health and ailment remedies.

Provide Online English Language teaching and practice conversational sessions

Provide virtual trainings to Front line workers through reputed Midwives training facilities in Pakistan and North America.

In this context EDUCAST managed to get permissions from Local government and related departments ( Social welfare and health departments), EDUCAST did partner with local implementation partners