eCoordinator Admin October 1, 2022

eCoordinator for Healthy Ageing Care

The project Ageing care coordinator training and services initiative is a joint venture between the Country’s oldest and premier Medical Teaching University Dow University of Health Sciences ( and Pakistan’s largest Digital Health platform EDUCAST (

It has been noted that there is a dire lack of qualified eldercare providers in the Pakistani market, even the elder families do not know how to properly handle elders, then there are also no Geriatrics and Gerontology subjects taught to our healthcare professionals.

It prompted us to prepare 3 months to crash an online certification program, to train and teach how to handle Elders.

Following are the topics covering this Online program.

The first batch brought an outcome of 230 trainees from all over the country.

Side by side, we also plan to start establishing Ageing/elderly day care centers and related activities, like getting together on professional and social levels.

Centers, we plan to establish at various community levels, enabling local elders in the surroundings to come and have the day spespentortnightly, using indoor sports, leisure, chatting and getting health checkups, lectures on nutrition, emotional therapies, mobility empowerment techniques, basic healthy tips to make their mood elevated.

In short, this activity will enable the aging population to come back to day-to-day activities rather than being confined to their rooms and wasted.

We aim to enable elderlies to rediscover their potential on how they can contribute towards their community and society.