empowerHER Educast December 6, 2022

“khud ko pehchano”


Educast and Possimple has joined hands introducing a program, A Women Training program, For All the Women entrepreneurs out there.

Our programme scope actually defines the fundamentals of business as well as the fundamental attitudes required to become an entrepreneur. We will discuss the fundamental building blocks of a business and the factors that must be considered when deciding on a product, market, customers, supply, pricing, and distribution, among other things. We’ll also discuss the art of outsourcing and team development. We will guide the female audience through the stages of planning, startup, the first 12 months of turbulence, the second and third years of stability, and the business offshoots.


On the positive side, we will discuss the triple O, which stands for the Oasis of Opportunities and Options. What is a bazaar, and what are its components of retail, wholesale, and manufacturing? We will also provide a thorough understanding and orientation to the met averse and its various components of branding, digital marketing, online sales, Q commerce, and e-commerce.

We shall provide a full orientation of the Triple O on the negative side, which are Obligations.

Obstructions \objections

In this section, we will go through the three us in detail:

– Family, Society, Coworkers, Industry Regulators, IP, TM Agreement.


a.Target Market

Our target markets are housewives, working women and grown up students who are in their final years of their professional degrees, those who have opportunity and capacity to enter into businesses measured in terms of finances education and backgrounds.


This program will conduct a workshop to get you all connected with us , to take your business to another level and to get consulted.

  1. Basic :-

Basic will be for the starting and for those women willing to start their own business and need help with all the basic knowledge.

  1. Advanced :-

Advanced will be for the women already having business and those who want to take their business to next level. Entrepreneurs can learn to make connections and shoot their businesses to a higher level of confidence.

* At the beginning the workshop will take place of 3 hour, and then there will be more upcoming class and connections to take your business to the next level.*

Managing Directors

Dr. Tasneem Kauser
Seher Abdullah


Launch and Duration:

Will be announced soon.

Contact us: 0330 2756896 / empowerher@educast.co.uk