eScribes Educast August 22, 2023

Unlock a World of Opportunities: Become a Medical Scribe!

🌐 Connect East with West
Join the forefront of telemedicine by assisting top-tier doctors in the USA and CANADA.

Why Join Us?

🚀 Global Exposure: Engage directly with North American medical professionals.

🏠 Remote Flexibility: Deliver exceptional service from the comfort of your home in Pakistan.

💌 Skill Enhancement: Access tailored training programs and widen your medical knowledge base.

💰 Top-Tier Compensation: Earn competitive salaries and benefits in the telehealth industry.

Your Role:
• Real-time documentation of doctor-patient interactions.
• Ensure accuracy and efficiency in updating patient records.
• Continually develop your grasp of medical terminologies.

We Seek:
• Strong English proficiency.
• Fast and accurate typing capabilities.
• A genuine passion for healthcare and telemedicine.
• Readiness to adapt to North American time zones.
• Prior experience is a plus, but passion and dedication are paramount.

Embark on Your Journey Now!

Send in your resume and a brief cover letter to
For queries, dial +923323836280 or explore (OUR WEBSITE)

Be a beacon of change in the world of healthcare. Bridge the gap, be a scribe.