Family Medicine Admin October 11, 2022

Family Medicine Program

Online Certification Program: Family Medicine.

6 month

Online /Flip model

Total passed-out batches:
5 Batches

Program Lead:
Prof Dr Jehan Ara Hassan

Family medicine Topics

1.Assessment and Management of Depression and Anxiety
2.Assessment and treatment of Psychosis
3.Hormonal disorders of adolescence and PCOS
4.Vaginal Discharge
6.Overview of tumors of genital tract- screening and gynecological cancers
7.Assessment of menstrual disorders, Amenorrhea, AUB, PMS, Dysmenorrhea, Menopause
8.Infertility and Subfertility
9.Breast feeding and its complications, Breast Cancer and Screening
10.Antenatal care high risk pregnancy
11.Obstetric Emergencies
12.Management of Otitis media and Externa
13.Hands on session- Gynecology
14.Hands on – Examination of CVS and Abdomen
15.Hands on –General Physical examination and Respiratory System
16.Assessment and management of Red Eye and common eye emergencies
18.Vertigo-2 – Stridor – foreign body in airway and its management
19.Evaluation and management of Pneumonia
20.Asthma and COPD
21.Diagnosis and management of Pulmonary TB
22.Eczema and common skin infections
23.Management of upper and lower GI bleeding and approach to common GI infections IBD and IBS
24.Evaluation of patient with Jaundice and its management
25.Management of patients with Diabetes Mellitus
26.Evaluation and management of Thyroid
27.Evaluation of chest pain in primary care
28.An approach to hypertensive patient
29.Congestive heart failure
30.Recurrent UTI in females
31.Approach to bleeding and clotting disorders
32.Hands on –Central Nervous System
33.Cerebro-Vascular Accident
34.Approach to patients with fever in community
35.Adult Immunization
36.General Physical Examination
37.Neonatal assessment and common neonatal problems
38.Growth development and short stature
39.Management of childhood asthma
41.Joint pain
42.Musculoskeletal System
43.Acute Abdomen
44.Renal stones and Renal colic
45.Fever with lymphadenopathy

Program Lead:

Prof Dr Jehan Ara Hassan

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