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In Nov 2020, Transform Fund, which is a $ 500 Mil USD Innovation Fund under the Islamic Development Bank’s Science and Technology Initiative, in its global challenge fund out of 1100 projects from 91 countries competing in different SGDs, From the Healthcare segment selected EDUCAST project “Establishment of a virtual Medical Education and Training platform to utilize Innovative Telehealth and Remote monitoring in aid to reduce the growing rate of Maternal and Infant Mortality in Pakistan”.


EDUCAST participated In Transform Challenge Fund and got selected for their Maternal and Child Health and Mortality reduction through the use of eDoctors Project, IsDB awarded a Basic Grant for enabling the pilot project in Pakistan. EDUCAST in collaboration with Leading Medical Education and capacity-building institutes has been working to get out-of-work female doctors to come back to the medical profession through online refreshers and hands-on training with clinical rotations. In its effort of 24 months, Educast has been successful to enable hundreds of such Pakistani female eDoctors from Pakistan and from 24 international locations, the total number of out-of-work Pakistani doctors is more than 25,000 Spread all over the globe. Through the Funding from IsDB, Educast was able to create more such Female doctors and also created a collaboration with Leading Non-Govt and Government organizations for the utilization of these eDoctors.


Through support of IsDB many of the previously home based Pakistani Female doctors are now working with Government and NGO sectors. A total of 1000 Female doctors on whom Govt/Parents had to spend Ts 5.0 million/$ 35,000 for their education and initial house job are now back in the national health network. An estimated amount of Rs 5.0 billion /$ 30 million USD worth of lost investment has now been returned back in form of eDoctors. These Retrained and Certified eDoctors are now helping the healthcare sector through the use of eHealth to fight against the growing rate of Maternal and Infant mortality and morbidity in Pakistan.

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12 months (start from May 2020 – April 2021)

Grant USD/PKR:

$150,000/24.0 million PKR


Islamic Development
Fund-IsDB & Transform Fund

Contacts and References:

Mr Moustafa Alzuabi -Manager Project monitoring
Tel: +966 56406 6409
Mr Sulayman Al Janneh
Tel: +966 54 995 1762