Mobile Clinic Admin October 11, 2022

Mobile Clinic


To provide telehealth through Mobile Clinics in annihilated areas of Layyah-Punjab-Pakistan.

Cost (USD):

Estimated total cost of the project, $300,000.


24 months (2012-2013)


Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
Chenab Development Fund (CDF)

Contact Details:

Mr. Ahmed Nadeem-Ex Manager PPAF

Process and Approach:

In response to rising mortality rates for both women and infants, due to civil unrest and unavailability of healthcare services in areas of Punjab, a mobile teleclinic idea was proposed.
In collaboration with PPAF, Educast converted an ambulance into a state of the art mobile clinic which was enabled with VSAT (satellite terminal) and broadband satellite. This mobile teleclinic consisted of a female healthcare worker, a male healthcare worker/technician and a designated driver. In addition to this, the mobile clinic was also equipped with Ultrasound, Skin and ENT assessment digital probes, digital stethoscope, electronic microscope and vital signs monitoring equipment which were all connected with a video terminal.
Patients were provided support by female/male paramedics in performing the physical assessment and helping fill the data.
The mobile clinic was designed to connect the patients with the qualified and trained female doctors through computers, with specialized EMR system and integrated video monitoring and assessment platform.
With the help of available technology, from miles apart, our female healthcare providers were able to deliver remarkable telehealth services.

Delivered Results:
The duration of this project was 24 months. Services through mobile teleclinic were offered 6 days a week from 9 am till 4 pm. Each location catered about 50 patients per day and the total number of patients, majority being females, seen in the entirety of the project was 225,000 people. Total cost per patient was calculated to be $1.20 (USD)