NCRD Admin October 11, 2022



Optimize and empower your business processes and workforce with online collaboration using Educast Meeting Collaborative Multimedia Platform. Let Viewers get turned into active participants, teams and other participants come together to review the latest plans from various parts simply by using their laptops, web cams, and standard internet connections.

Hence you can conduct regular meetings among geographically dispersed staff members.

Hold lively creative sessions with trainees and trainers from various remote locations.

Increase productivity by giving every department of the organization or network access to Educast Meeting Center with integrated audio and Video.

NCRD platform of Business Solutions Meet Over the Cloud in Real-Time:

Launch or join a meeting using any web browser. It’s easy with Educast platform. Communicate information and share documents, presentations, and applications just like you do in person. Pitch ideas. Demonstrate products. Discuss the hot issues. Give invitees the option to connect by phone, on their computer, or by mobile phone, regardless of location.

Coordinate Meetings Easily:

Keep everything running smoothly using Educast Meeting platform panels with separate attendee and host views. Deliver clear, interactive full-screen presentations and show documents to participants. Manage meeting functions behind the scenes with control panels. Count on Educast Secure, Scalable platform: This collaboration solutions will help reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Educast Cloud conferencing solutions are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through the PBX Collaboration Cloud, and are easy to roll out and scale throughout your organization.

The Educast Collaboration Cloud is a global network designed specifically for highly secure delivery of on-demand applications. It offers a scalable architecture, consistent availability, and multilayer security validated by rigorous independent audits.

Connecting geographically dispersed trainees, partner organizations and members around the world at a moment’s notice has never been easier.

Educast’s Collaboration Solutions offer a suite of audio, video, and Broadband-conferencing services that will help NCRD to boost its training program reach and thus productivity of the program while maximizing the organization’s time, resources, and international communications.