Social Media Marketing Admin October 1, 2022

Social Media Marketing

Course Description

The course aims to transfer the fundamental knowledge and form the basic competencies necessary for the development and implementation of digital marketing strategies in the real world. The students are going to get a hold of digital marketing platforms, devising creative digital strategies to build start-ups and improve their critical thinking, analyzing, and decision-making power.

The course requires the basic knowledge of social media, surfing the internet and or a website, and fundamentals of marketing as the pre-requisite. It is preferable that the students have some practical entrepreneurial or marketing experience, but this is not obligatory.

Course Objective

Students are going to do an in-depth study of the key digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and get hold of latest digital techniques like SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Community Marketing and much more. These techniques would not only prove to connect with the right target audience but also it can help build brands from scratch and revenue generation. If the students have their own idea, they can easily implement these strategies to penetrate in the market.

Once the students have successfully completed this course, they will be able to identify competitor’s digital moves and would be able to formulate customer winning strategies that can turn into profits.

Students will learn from ideation of digital strategies to implementing the necessary activities and monitoring KPIs and results.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Understand what digital marketing is, how it came to existence, its importance in today’s world, and how to implement a successful digital strategy.

  • Grasp how companies use powerful digital techniques to quickly penetrate their products/services in the market.

  • Theoretical knowledge along with lab practicals to gain hands-on experience.

  • Analyze opportunities and scope of digital marketing.

  • Analyze the challenges, issues, and obstacles in the digital marketing field.

  • Learn to minimize the risks of failing business with digital marketing.

Course outline

Class: For All Students.

Course: Digital Marketing Strategies.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

The teaching methodology is based on a discussion of theories and models, case analysis, reports, presentations, expert opinions in guest speaker sessions, and written exams. The students are required to go through online articles to further enhance their digital literacy, and discuss the latest trends, modern digital marketing strategies, and organizational practices preferably from HubSpot or Forbes Magazine Journals.

Materials and Supplies

Books, cases, articles, and soft copies.

Expected Class Conduct
  • Every student should look like and behave like a business student. Dressed in a formal way (necktie is not mandatory for boys).

  • Should have at least one text book in one group. Always bring in a personal notebook and pen/pencil/ball-point pen. The least use of a cell phone in the class is desired.

Term Project Details

Students in groups of 3 will be responsible for conceptualizing and producing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy of not more than 10 pages meant to promote a product/service. It is imperative that students engage in research with regard to modern digital strategies and come up with a solid strategy to penetrate their offerings in the market using digital mediums. The report should include strategy, along with KPIs and budget, and expected ROI against each digital activity.

Class Details:

Wednesday: 8 till 9:30 Friday and Saturday: 6:00 till 8:00pm


Hunain Lakhani

Chief training officer at EDUCAST