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Therapeutics and Prescription Writing


Online Certification program : Therapeutics and Prescription Writing !

Duration :

3 months

Mode :

Online / Flip model

Total passed out batches (2020):

2 Batches

Program Lead :

  • Prof Dr Sumbul Shamim, Principal, Dow College of Pharmacy.
  • Prof Dr Noor Jehan -Dean , Dow College of Pharmacy.
  • Dr Untara Sheikh- -MedSmarter -USA.

Lecture Topics:

1.Management of Joint pain
2.Management of kidney stones
3.Management of GI infections
4.Management of upper and lower GI bleed
5.RUTI in females
6.Abnormal premenopausal bleeding (AUB)
7.Menopause and HRT
8.Breast feeding complications and screening breast cancer
10.Management of Pneumonia
11.Management of tuberculosis
12.Management and treatment of COPD
13.Management and treatment of Asthma
14.Management and treatment of Hypo/hyper Thyroidism
15.Assessment and Management of Red Eye
16.Evaluation and Treatment of Common skin infections
17.Management and Assessment of Otitis Media and Externa
18.Management of Depression
19.Management of Psychosis
20.Management of Anxiety
21.Nutritional Supplement
22.Diabetes Mellitus and its Management
23.Antihypertensive Medication-1
24.Antihypertensive Medication-2

Training Division

EDUCAST Virtual Training Division faced challenges, due to bottlenecks and non-acceptability from old school skill development trainers. However, two initiatives were taken by EDUCAST.
Designing and establishing Virtual Technical Platform for trainees to access technical certification training via live video streaming in remote locations from the main center. Such initiative was taken with following:
1)Memon Industrial & Technical Institute-Karachi supported by Sindh Board of Technical Education, Government of Sindh.
2)China Business Language University, Beijing and NED University Karachi.; This initiative was focused on developing Pakistani Educated HR for Chinese Belt and Road Initiative based training.
Due to COVID-19 issues, this program was not materialized.

EDUCAST Skill Training division  Is working closely  with Sindh Board of Technical Education & NED University of Engineering & Technology-Karachi For providing Virtual Trainings To Graduates with Skill certifications Recently EDUCAST has signed up with China’s leading University, Beijing Language and Culture University, For offering Online Trainings and Certifications on Chinese Business Models, Cross Border Trade, e-commerce How to setup company in China, how to Trade with China, also training on Belt and Road Initiative  policies and Road map.

Our Partners

Health Services Division

In 2017, EDUCAST got valuable Joint venture with few Leading Healthcare organizations in Pakistan, having more than 15 years of rich experience in telehealth and related initiatives, With the Technical resources of collaborations, EDUCAST was then able to seek new ventures in eHealth services.
The new team of EDUCAST brought in experience of working on projects with USAID, IOM, DFID, DAI, Asian Development Bank, European Union some leading Pakistani development sector organizations and Ministry of Health. Government of Sindh.
EDUCAST established and operated COVID-19 Home Isolation Monitoring Tele-Consulting platform from April 2020. More than 450 trained and certified volunteer female eDoctors from 15 countries, including Pakistan, served day and night to support the Sindh Government in its drive to control the hospitalization inflow.
EDUCAST eDoctors successfully managed to curtail more than 150,000 patients in their homes and provided tele-consulting services till end of their 14 days mandatory home isolation.
EDUCAST is still the only healthcare service provider in country Pakistan that has single handedly managed such a large number of COVID -19 patients using Tele-Health.
EDUCAST and Islamic Development Bank In last quarter of 2019 EDUCAST was awarded Top Healthcare innovation among 91 countries and 1100 projects at Islamic Development Bank supported Transform Fund Initiative.
Resulting EDUCAST received a seed grant to establish a pilot project in getting eDoctors trained on Maternal and Child Health and linking them with existing Mother & Child healthcare providing – organization to provide timely and quality advisory aiming towards reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate by taking advantage of digital health and innovation
EDUCAST has also expanded its Telehealth services in the conflict zone The start of 2021 has seen EDUCAST going in Yemen, a war torn country and initially getting permissions to establish Maternal and Child Tele-clinics in 3 districts of the southern part of Yemen.
Alongside, EDUCAST has also partnered with HANDS (a leading NGO in Health and Education sectors) to establish 50 tele-home-clinics and online women and child tele-consulting services in Karachi with the help of 50 eDoctors initially, with an aim to develop and extend the network to hundreds with Pakistan in coming year.

Already completed Projects and New ones by EDUCAST Group Consortium in “e-Health Sector”