Why Online?


Attaining better grades is a common goal for every student. Students invest their time and effort to achieve the said goal. Some of the students may need additional help because their hard work and focus are not serving them to meet their challenges. Each student is unique, in the way the information is processed, memorized and applied. Traditional method of teaching may promote some, but not all. The additional help could be presenting the subject content with visual effects, which makes the student to experience the essence of it and not to forget easily. Guide the students by identifying and encouraging their inner skills to resolve the challenges rather than providing the solution. Be professional and provide honest and constructive feedback so that the students focus more on the areas to be improved. Working closely with the students will strengthen the students’ confidence. That is where we come into picture to play a vital role in providing the said additional help.

  • Assume a student has to travel to school in heavily polluted traffic, spend long hours in school, and still he/she has to rush for a tuition?
  • Students get annoyed spending their time mostly outside their homes for studies, which in return deprive their interest in studies.
  • Attending tuition mostly at a teachers’ home or some other place with small rooms is a challenge to a student. How much time can a tutor spend with each student in traditional tuitions?
  • In traditional tuitions teachers use paper or blackboard to explain the asked questions. A student will get tired after all these stressful daily activities.


  • Just imagine attending tuition from anywhere without chasing the traffic, is it not exciting? That is what the online tuition facilitates, here are some of benefits:



  1. It is convenient to attend from home, relieves from rushing to tuition after long hours at school.
  2. It is flexible to attend tuition at your convenient time and freely participate in discussions.
  3. Each and every lecture is recorded so it can be watched later whether you missed the one or for more details.
  4. With noise free audio and high quality video Telecast, you can watch the lecture as you see at your traditional local class.
  5. You can raise hand, ask questions, and answer asked questions.
  6. A digital white board, used to explain the concepts at the same time you can also use to explain your understanding or solve the asked challenges.
  7. Browser can be invoked to hit internet for more details and information.
  8. USA operated OLK12’s State of the art Learning Management System
  9. An Intense Computer Based Training System- CBTS ( currently for O Level science only)
  10. Live classes on your computer, Tablets and Smart Phones,
  11. It encourages exploring the inner skills to solve the challenges.
  12. Parents can watch students’ participation and check online for improvement reports.

With all these in mind, Our solution ‘EDUCAST’ is there to provide all of the said benefits and much more.

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